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By default if you enable the 'selectable' attribute it will allow you to click and drag and select several days. I would like to only allow the user to select a single day, not drag over multiple. Is there a way to have 'selectable' enabled, but disable the dragging feature that comes along with it?

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in the select callback, adding the following does the trick: (fullcalendar 2 using moment.js)

if (start.add('days', 1).date() != )


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If you want to limit highlight to a single day in agenda week view you can use following:

      start: '00:01', 
      end: '23:59', 

if you want to limit the event you can use

      start: '00:00', 
      end: '24:00', 
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Not at this time: the range of selectable days can not be customized without modifying the source.

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has anything changed...meaning that has been added the feature to select only one day? – Dimitris Papageorgiou Jan 21 '14 at 14:38

You can select a single date or time by passing fullcalendar's 'select' method to the dayClick event listener:

    dayClick: function(date,jsEvent,view) {
        $('#myCalendar').fullcalendar('select', date);

Note you will also need to fire the 'unselect' method on your next callback (or dayClick).

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