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I was reading ActionScript 3.0 Abstract Factory Design Pattern: Multiple Products and Factories, and I have the following,

private var busFactory:AbFactory;
busFactory=new BusinessFactory();

Both in BusinessFactory.as and in AbFactory.as there is no method with the same name as the class, only createProductA and createProductB. So, how could busFactory call the constructor with new BusinessFactory ?

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The default constructors for both AbFactory and BusinessFactory (which the article shows inherits from AbFactory) are created by the compiler.

If you start to pass arguments to the BusinessFactory() constructor, the compiler will complain about an unexpected argument count. That's when you need to write the constructor yourself. But passing nothing means the default can be used.

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but won't it run the code automatically, right ? If I got a class drawPlease where I got only a drawNow method, must I have to call the method on it explicitly ? example 1: myDrawPleaseObject.drawNow() ---------------- but If both has the same name(class and method), when I run myDrawPleaseObject = new drawPlease() will it be calling the method like in example 1? –  Matt Aug 18 '11 at 16:07

Also the reason that you could set a AbFactory to a BusinessFactory means that they share the same heritage.

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