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I want to upgrade an ActiveX control from VB6 to VB.NET. I'm having trouble upgrading this code:

If CanPropertyChange("Text") Then
    Text1.Text = Value
    RaiseEvent TextChange()
End If

I get the error: "Name 'CanPropertyChange' is not declared."

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VB.Net does not support anything similar to the CanPropertyChange("Text") method. The easiest way around this is to do the assignment within a Try...Catch block.

  Text1.Text = Value
  RaiseEvent TextChange()
Catch ex As Exception

End Try

If the property cannot be written to an exception will be thrown which you can access in the Catch block.

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You can do this wih refelection and the property canwrite of the propertyinfo class.

Public Function IsPropertyWritable(tT as Type, propertyName as string) as Boolean
    For Each prop as system.reflection.propertyinfo in  tT.GetProperties(bindingflags.public OR bindingflags.NonPublic OR _
                    bindingflags.instance OR bindingflags.static)

     if prop.name = propertyname then
         return prop.canwrite
     End If
     Throw new exception("No property with the name'"+ propertyname +"' exist for class '"+ tT.Name)
End Function

Public Function IsPropertyWritable(of t) ( propertyname as String) as Boolean
Dim tT as Type  = gettype(t)
return IsPropertyWritable(tT, propertyName)
End function

Public Function IsPropertyWritable(Obj as object, propertyname as String) as Boolean
Dim tT as Type  = obj.gettype
    return IsPropertyWritable(tT, propertyName)
End function


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