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I have a model named WidgetList that i would like mapped to the ListsController. So when i

<%= render @widget_list %> it will render /lists/_list.html.erb and when I have <%= form_for @widget_list do |f| %> it will go to /lists/{create/update}.html.erb. Or when in my controller i respond_with @widget_list it will know to use the list/show.html.erb, how can i tell rails that WidgetLists need to use the ListsController ?

Is there a way to change this mapping without having to re-name WidgetList ?

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You may use the :controller option together with :path:

resources :widget_lists, :path => "lists", :controller => "lists"
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how would you specify this if the model was namespaced? class MY::Widget – Schneems Aug 16 '11 at 23:36

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