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How I can detect that there was a change in the rich text editor in the Edit Post page?

What I want is to execute a function when the user typed something in the rich text editor (HTML and Visual panes).

EDIT: I accomplished that in the HTML pane associating a jQuery keyup event in the hidden textarea that tinyMCE create, but still I've not been able to detect user input in the Visual tab.

I'm using Wordpress 3.2.1 and I know that they are using tinyMCE for the rich text editor functionality.

Seems that tinyMCE uses an iframe to build the Visual tab in the rich text editor, so I tried the examples pointed here without any results.

Any help appreciated.

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Not sure how to add this to WordPress, but from a TinyMCE perspective the isDirty() method on the editor should help.

So you could simply use

if (tinyMCE.activeEditor.isDirty()) {
  //Do something

to check the currently active editor. WordPress may give you alternative ways to access the editor instance.

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Thanks for the help. That triggers an error in my jquery code telling that tinyMCE.activeEditor is null. Now I just need to figure out how fire the code from you when the editor contents change ;). –  diosney Aug 16 '11 at 14:19

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