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I have an XML file that contains configuration info for some programs. The file looks something like:


I want to create an XSL stylesheet to display the XML as a html table. Could someone suggest how I could use XSL to transform the XML into a table as shown below? I need to be able to add additional categories and parameters without having to revisit the stylesheet every time - would be great if the stylesheet understands that the xml will always have categories, parameters and values but not make any assumption about how many of each.

In the table I'd like 3 columns. I'd like the columns to display as:

Category    Parameter   Value
childCat1   param1      test1
childCat1   param2      test2
childcat2   item1       item1
childcat2   item2       item2

etc It would be a nice to have for the separator lines between categories to appear but I can live without them.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. If all else fails I'll write some php code to do this but an XSL stylesheet would be much more versatile.


My preference is for XSL that knows only one thing in advance - that the XML has two levels of elements, categories and their immediate children. So no matter what I might add (or delete) - additional categories or children or whatever, the xsl works without manual updating.

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Did you check out this


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Thanks Maghur - that looks good - only thing is, since the XML content may change it would be nice if there was some construct that could loop through elements instead of having to specify them. –  RoyHB Aug 17 '11 at 0:09

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