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I can easily set the selection on 2+ elements programatically in Firefox, But have had no success with IE so I hope anyone here can help me with this.

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Neither chrome supports this too. I hope you found a solution for your problem – Ashraf Sabry Dec 9 '13 at 10:51
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IE doesn't support multiple concurrent selected TextRanges, whether programmatically or manually selected. You can have a ControlRange of multiple selected elements, but not stretches of text.

It's possible for other browsers that embed the Web Browser control to support multiple text ranges:

Host applications can provide a multiple selection mechanism and can return a collection of TextRange objects that represents discontinuous selections.

But as of today IE doesn't, and I don't know of any other host application that does. Or indeed of any other browser than Firefox 3 that allows it.

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Neither IE nor chrome. Only firefox supports multiple discontinuous selected ranges. I had code that highlighted search results and was disappointed that it only worked on firefox. Moreover, window.getSelection().addRange(r) changes the focus to the selected text in chrome. I wonder why the method was called addRange while it's possible to select only one range? – Ashraf Sabry Dec 9 '13 at 10:54

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