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Ok so i have a textbox that gets items from a website and pastes in that then the list box adds the items but i want each line in textbox to be a new item instead it just adds it all as one

heres my code

    '  Procedure:
    Dim Str As System.IO.Stream
    Dim srRead As System.IO.StreamReader
        ' make a Web request
        Dim req As System.Net.WebRequest = System.Net.WebRequest.Create("")
        Dim resp As System.Net.WebResponse = req.GetResponse
        Str = resp.GetResponseStream
        srRead = New System.IO.StreamReader(Str)
        ' read all the text 
        TextBox2.Text = srRead.ReadToEnd
    Catch ex As Exception
        TextBox2.Text = "Unable to download content"
        '  Close Stream and StreamReader when done
    End Try
    ' Assign string to reference.
    Dim value1 As String = TextBox2.Text

    ' Replace word with another word.
    Dim value2 As String = value1.Replace("<br>", vbNewLine)
    TextBox2.Text = value2
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Your question is very hard to understand. I think the answer is to split the textbox's text into an array where each item is a single line and then add each of these to the listbox.

You probably want:

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ITS AS SIMPLE AS ListBox1.Items.AddRange(TextBox1.Text.Split(vbNewLine)) oR ListBox1.Items.AddRange(TextBox1.Text.Split(vbcrlf)

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try using srRead.readline instead of srRead.readtoend

Dim a As String
            a = srRead.ReadLine
            If a <> Nothing Then
            End If
        Loop Until a Is Nothing
    End Try

Sorry if i failed to understand your question

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