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I am trying to add a datasource in the ColdFusion 9 administrator by connecting it to a Sybase database. I even supplied the port number as 2638 (Sybase). But I keep getting errors like:

unable to connect and connection limits reached

What should I do to allow CF to communicate with Sybase ODBC? Should I install JDBC? Any precautions or specific steps to follow? The Adobe documentation seems to be incomplete.


  • Vista
  • ColdFusion 9
  • Sybase 6.1.0 (SQL Anywhere 12 / QAnywhere 12)
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I think you need to install "jConnect". Kindly look at the following links:

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"Connection limit reached" implies that you are using the personal server (dbeng12.exe), which has a limit of 10 simultaneous connections and does not allow connections over a network. You likely need to use the network server (dbsrv12.exe) which has no connection limit (other than licensing) and does allow network connections.

Disclaimer: I work for Sybase in SQL Anywhere engineering.

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