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I have some DateTime fields on my MVC model classes - some which require a Date as input and others that require a Time as input - but both are DateTime properties.

Is it possible to have an EditorTemplate for DateTime that somehow produces a date picker to properties that are meant to be dates, and a time picker for properties that are meant to be times?

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Yes, here is one way:

In ~/Views/Shared/EditorTemplates (or ~/Views/Shared/DisplayTemplates, create template files that use your favourite view engine (example uses Razor/C#)

file Date.cshtml

replace this with a real date picker

file Time.cshtml

replace this with a real time picker

Then, in your model:

public DateTime DateProperty { get; set; }

public DateTime TimeProperty { get; set; }

The UIHint attribute name has to match the file name of your template, and UIHint is in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations, so you will need the appropriate using statement/assembly reference if you don't have it already.

Alternatively, use a TimeSpan to represent your times - that is what DateTime returns for its TimeOfDay property...

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Thanks Jon, I'll give that a try. – Craig Shearer Aug 16 '11 at 8:56

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