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I have to validate two asp.net text boxes. First one has input as :

"temp-xxxx" or "perm-xxxx" (note: here xxxx are digits. Strings to be validated are in the double quotes.The quotes are not needed to be validated.)

Second textbox input is a list:

temp-xxxx, temp-xxxx, temp-xxxx (x are numerics)

I need these two regex. Please help me out.

I am using regex validator for each text box. These two text boxes are not dependents. they are separate. Please help me out.

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Try these



^ Start of the string

(?:temp|perm) "temp" or "perm"

\d a digit

{4} 4 times



(?:,\stemp-\d{4})* Match ,\stemp-\d{4} 0 or more times

\s is a whitespace

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perfect..you are the regex god –  DQELER Aug 16 '11 at 5:19

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