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I am using the following code for binding a combo box column in a grid view in my winform

DataGridViewComboBoxCell dgBatch = (DataGridViewComboBoxCell)grvProduct.Rows[pRowIndex].Cells[pComboColName];
                DataTable dtBatch = new DataTable();
                dtBatch = iExportSalesOrder.SelectProductDetails(pack_detl_ID);
                dgBatch.DataSource = dtBatch;
                dgBatch.ValueMember = "qty";
                dgBatch.DisplayMember = "sBatch_No";

How can i get the selectedindexchange event of this combo box column?

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You could try using the DataGridView.EditingControlShowing event and casting the EventArgs to a ComboBox control and then you can use the SelectesIndexChanged event.

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