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I have inserted some documents in a collection without ObjectID assignment.

Of course, without manually assigning ObjectID for each documents, mongoDB automatically

assigns unique ObjectID on each documents.

I want to query a document by those unique ObjectID.


it does not work either with prefix of MongoID or ObjectID in front of '4e49fd8269fd873c0a000000'.

Is there a proper way to query by ObjectID with mongoDB in PHP?

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It works in console with "ObjectID" in front of 4e49fd... but not in PHP. – InspiredJW Aug 16 '11 at 6:23
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Pretty sure you have to use a MongoId object, eg

$item = $collection->findOne(array(
    '_id' => new MongoId('4e49fd8269fd873c0a000000')));

The notes on the Querying page are a little obtuse but it does mention...

Unless the user has specified otherwise, the _id field is a MongoId. The most common mistake is attepting to use a string to match a MongoId. Keep in mind that these are two different datatypes, and will not match each other in the same way that the string "array()" is not the same as an empty array

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