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Anyone who's used rails_admin gem might have noticed that the labels in the navigation sidebar are always pluralized.

Is there anyway to prevent this for specific models?

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In the README:

You probably want to change the name of the navigation_label. This can be easily achieved with the 'navigation_label' method of the parent model.

Added to previous example:

class League < ActiveRecord::Base
  rails_admin do
    navigation_label 'League related'   

Does that fix your problem?

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It doesn't fix the problem, the navigation label is there to let you create nested menus. The labels are still pluralized. I have a feeling this can't be resolved after looking at the code. I can live with it. –  marflar Aug 16 '11 at 10:44

You can pass in a label_plural parameter in the rails admin initializer

config.model Thing do
  label_plural "Thing"
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I managed to fix this. Here's how:

  • Create views/rails_admin/main/_navigation.html.haml
  • Copy and paste code from the equivalent file within the rails_admin gem source code
  • replace all instances of label_plural with label

So the following would change from:

= link_to(model.label_plural, list_path(:model_name => model.abstract_model.to_param))


= link_to(model.label, list_path(:model_name => model.abstract_model.to_param))

This is fine to do since the label and label_plural are quite similar as you can see:

register_instance_option(:label) do
  @label ||= abstract_model.model.model_name.human(:default => abstract_model.model.model_name.demodulize.underscore.humanize)

register_instance_option(:label_plural) do
  @label_plural ||= abstract_model.model.model_name.human(:count => 2, :default => label.pluralize)

Now if I want a pluralized label I just specify it in my model's rails_admin block.

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