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Here is the contents of the file I'm trying to parse out.

# nameserver

So far I have the following :


Which works to ignore the commented lines but it matches nameserver and nameserver

Ideally I'd like to match only lines that are not commented out and only match the IP addresses as the nameserver part of the string is unimportant to me.

I have found some regex here on StackOverflow that will accomplish one or the other but not both.

Any hints on what I'm doing wrong would be awesome.

Thanks Everyone.

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Use a capturing group ( ... ) to capture the entire IP:


See here

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@Drew you will find your IP then in the variable $1 – stema Aug 16 '11 at 6:38
Thank you that's perfect. I knew it was something simple I was missing. – Drew Aug 16 '11 at 8:29

You can also take a look at the Regexp::Common::net which does that already for you.

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I'll take a look at it, thanks again for your time. – Drew Aug 16 '11 at 8:29

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