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As memory is considered to be single dimensional, then can anyone kindly tell (and explain) that "How multi-dimesional arrays are represented in Memory".
Thanks in advance.

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It depends on the language implementation but more often than not they are represented as a consecutive memory block row after row. I wrote about it on my blog:

Allocated arrays are stored in the heap memory as a continues chunk of memory. Two dimensional arrays (same as in the example above) are stored similarly – each line of the array (index x,0 – x,n) stored together and so to reach the x,y cell we have to go to the j + (i * width) place.

For more details on hoiw arrays are implemented in C++ take a look at: C++ Notes: 2-D Array Memory Layout

Most of the programming languages I encoutered use a similar method to storing multidimensional arrays.

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Any multidimensional arrays are linearized by array addressing function and transforms the multidimensional arrays into a single dimensional array. This single dimensional arrays are stored on memory.

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