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I'm trying to parse a Json string and put a section into a dictionary. I'm running into a problem where trying to deserialize into a dictionary expects "key" and "value" terms, which are unavailable to me. Can anyone recommend a workaround for me please? I prefer to stick to DataContractJsonSerializer if possible. Thank you very much in advance.

{ "boxes": 2, "box": [ { "apples": "6", "bananas": "3", "oranges": "4", "lemons": "2" }, { "peaches": "4", "limes": "5", "melons": "5", "apples": "2" } ] }

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I highly recommend looking into JSON.NET. It's a fully featured and robust library that is the best way (in my opinion) to handle JSON in any .NET application.

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There is also a JSON serialization library shipped with C# driver for MongoDB. You can start reading about it here

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You can also use the fast and lightweight ServiceStack's Json Serializer to handle this for you, it allows you to deserialize strongly-typed POCO's or dynamically using JsonObject:

Using Strong-Typed POCO

var fruitsJson = "{ \"boxes\": 2, \"box\": [ { \"apples\": \"6\", \"bananas\": \"3\", \"oranges\": \"4\", \"lemons\": \"2\" }, { \"peaches\": \"4\", \"limes\": \"5\", \"melons\": \"5\", \"apples\": \"2\" } ] }";

public class Fruits
    public int boxes { get; set; }
    public List<Dictionary<string,string>> box { get; set; }

var fruits = fruitsJson.FromJson<Fruits>();

Dynamically using JsonObject

var jsonObj = JsonObject.Parse(fruitsJson);
var boxes = jsonObj["boxes"];
var box = jsonObj["box"].FromJson<List<Dictionary<string,string>>>();
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