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I have an XML file that contains several subTrees and those subtrees can also contain subtrees in them. something like this:


(The ".." are elements in the subtree). How can i read each subtree and then to reaad all its element (if this subtree containg a subtree i want to read it seperately and all his elements)?

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XmlReader supports reading a subtree for that purpose; you can use the subtree-reader to as an input to other models (XmlDocument, XElement, etc) if you so wish:

using(var reader = XmlReader.Create(source))
    reader.ReadStartElement(); // <File>
    while(reader.NodeType != XmlNodeType.EndElement)
        using(var subtree = reader.ReadSubtree())
                Console.WriteLine(subtree.NodeType + ": " + subtree.Name);
    reader.ReadEndElement(); // </File>
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You could use a XDocument to read XML documents in .NET. For example to read the value of the D node:

var doc = XDocument.Load("test.xml");
var value = doc.Root.Element("C").Element("D").Value;
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I got the solution with the following code var doc = XDocument.Load("C:\Test.xml"); var DBID = doc.Root.Element("database").FirstAttribute.Name; var DBIDValue = doc.Root.Element("database").FirstAttribute.Value;

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