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i am using GetTimeZoneInformation in windows...but not able to find any equivalent in linux. Any idea??

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i figured it out after some more debugging time related structures.

Its better to use struct tm * gmtime ( const time_t * timer ) which wll give the UTC time.

And can use tzset() and tzname[0] to get the timezone info.

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You can use the following on Unix:

std::string LocalTimeZone()
    time_t  now = time(NULL);
    struct tm tnow = *localtime(&now);
    std::string tz = tnow.tm_zone;
    std::cout << "Local timezone: " << tz << std::endl; 

    char    buff[100];
    strftime( buff, sizeof buff, "%a %b %d %Y %T %Z%z", &tnow );

    std::vector<std::string> vec;
    const std::string s(buff);
    boost::split(vec, s, boost::is_any_of(" "));

    std::vector<std::string>::iterator i = vec.end();
    return *--i;

Which will give the current time zone as per the host machine's system settings.

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Boost has Boost.Date_Time, containing a time zone database. You can use the same.

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