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Why isn't style attribute working on usercontrol?

This is my code:

<uc1:ucCredit runat="server" ID="ucCCard" style="display:none;" />

Note: I do not want to set Visible=false. Doing this would not render the element at all which is what I don't want because I am manipulating the style and it's display through javascript.

Thanks in advance :)

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Usercontrols don't have style property as far as I know. A quick fix would be to wrap your usercontrol into <span/> or <div/> and giving it appropriate id and then manipulating them in javascript.

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@Jaggu, this is correct. It is much like a PlaceHolder control. It has a lot of functionality server side, but client side, the tag itself does not render any HTML. So has no client side attributes. – Tim B James Aug 16 '11 at 8:37

This isn't working as the <uc1:ucCredit> tag isnt rendered.

Another idea might be to put something like this:


<uc1:ucCredit runat="server" ID="ucCCard" Display="none" />


Public Display as String

Sub Page_Load()
    If Not Display = Nothing then
        div.attributes("style") = string.format("display:{0};", display)
    End IF
End Sub

In this example div is a div which is wrapped around the content in the user control

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You can not use style attribute there, because the usercontrol not rendered as an HTML element. I would suggest to wrap it to a div.

<div style="display:none;">
    <uc1:ucCredit runat="server" ID="ucCCard"  />
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You can make a property in the user control which will identify if the user control is visible or not and you have to put all your controls in a panel and set it's display to none

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