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Have anyone an idea or a link to an explanation regarding src2dst in gdb? as in :

#8  __cxxabiv1::__dynamic_cast (src_ptr=0x5aa21d0, src_type=0x7f1e92dd5840, dst_type=0x7f1e8d2751a0, src2dst=0) at ../../../../libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/

and related to this: what can be the cause of an dynamic cast that goes wrong? Thanks!

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src2dst seems to be a type in your case. I believe the crash you are reffering to is through the file, cxxabi.h, You can find the details of what src2dst refers to in this particular file.

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Are you using dynamic_cast across shared libraries with dlopen? There are special precautions to make it work. See this GCC FAQ.

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