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I am having a bit of a problem with an app I'm developing for BlackBerry.

I have a series of Item objects on the screen, each with a DefaultCommand tied to it. Example below:

cmdBrowse = new Command(temp.id,Command.ITEM,0);        

Previously just clicking on the item with the confirm button would run the proper command. No problem there.

Then I added the handleKeyReleased method to capture the BlackBerry's back button as follows:

protected boolean handleKeyReleased(int keyCode, int gameAction) {
if(keyCode==1769472) {
    /*code to deal with back button*/
    return true;
} else {
    return false;

Now when I click on the mainList Item with the confirm button, it brings up the list of commands first and I have to click again to actually run the command. Two clicks where it used to be one.

So, is there a way to either:

A. Keep the single click behaviour while still being able to capture the back button with handleKeyReleased


B. Capture the back button in a different way ?

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I ended up overlooking one very simple thing. All I had to do was call the superclass's handleKeyReleased method and everything worked perfectly.

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