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I have a string:

$str = 'Hello World, Welcome World, Bye World';

I want to cut above string into pieces. Each piece should be of 10 characters. If a word is going to be cut, then move that word to next line.

For Example:

$output = array();

$output[0] = 'Hello ';
$output[1] = 'World, ';
$output[2] = 'Welcome ';
$output[3] = 'World, Bye'; 
$output[4] = 'World';

Is there a shortest way without so many if else and loops.


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Why not just split the string on every blank space (" ")? Use explode(' ', $str); – Snps Aug 16 '11 at 10:05
No. There may be 2 or 3 words in 10 characters string. – Awan Aug 16 '11 at 10:10
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Use wordwrap. By default it wraps whole words and does not cut them into pieces.

echo wordwrap('Hello World, Welcome World, Bye World', 10);

If you want an array, explode afterwards:

print_r(explode("\n", wordwrap('Hello World, Welcome World, Bye World', 10)));
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Simple and complete solution. Thanks – Awan Aug 16 '11 at 10:20
string test = 'Hello World, Welcome World, Bye World';
string[] splited = test.Split(' ');
foreach (string str in s.Split(splited))

Note: Its written in C#, I hope it will give you an Idea.


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Although not exactly the answer, some similar problem is like this:

You have a long string, you want to break that string into chunks. You prefer not to break words, but words can be broken if word is very long.

$string = "Hello I am a sentence but I have verylongwordthat I can split";

You will split the words in this sentence if word is very long, like this:

$pieces = explode(" ",$string);
foreach ($pieces as $p) {
    $textArray= array_merge($textArray, str_split($p, 10));
$stringNew=implode(" ",$textArray);


"Hello I am a sentence but I have verylongwo rdthat I can split"
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