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How to do the following join to return Users who have access to a Company given a company id. The problem is there is no explicit relationship using a User object between UserAccess and User they simply join on the string property Username:

User(Username, Name)
UserAccess(Username, Company)

        .Where(c => c.Id == companyId)
        .JoinQueryOver<UserCompanyAccess>(u => u.UserAccessList)
        .JoinQueryOver<User>(u => **Nope no property, just a string**
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could be done with a subquery

var subquery = QueryOver.Of<Company>()
    .Where(c => c.Id == companyId)
    .JoinQueryOver<UserCompanyAccess>(u => u.UserAccessList)
    .Select(uca => uca.UserName);

var users = session.QueryOver<User>()
    .WithSubquery.WhereProperty(u => u.Name).In(subquery)
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Lovin' it large my good man – jenson-button-event Aug 16 '11 at 12:36

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