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We have 2 separate products used by different teams and we would like to point to mirrorA for projectA and mirrorB for projectB. How can I achieve this in settings.xml and should I do this away from settings.xml and somehow reference in my project specific POM file.

            <name>Internal Release Repository</name>

Note: This scenario happens when a developer contributes to both of these projects.

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Why would you like to do this? Why not using the same repository, cause you have groupId, artifactId to distinct the products. – khmarbaise Aug 16 '11 at 11:56
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I think you might be confusing "mirrors" with "repositories". You should very probably not have a mirror configuration like that in your settings.xml. If different projects should deploy to or get their dependencies from different repositories, you just specify those repositories in the respective projects' poms. Setting up mirrors solves an entirely different problem than setting up repositories does.

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