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My current URL looks like this : 'http://subdomain.domain.com/vanity/url'

When I try to use PHP to get this URL:

$url = "http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"].$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];

The var $url holds this:


I want to get the actual URL that is in the address bar. Is this possible?

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Odd, $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] should hold the original, un-rewritten URL. $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] would hold the path to the current script, regardless of rewriting. –  cdhowie Aug 16 '11 at 11:24

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What you are doing should work - the REQUEST_URI key should hold the un-rewritten URI. I guess what you are experiencing is a bug or bizarre misconfiguration in the Apache build you are working with.

Your best bet would be to print_r($_SERVER) and see if any of the keys in there hold what you are after - I have just done it on a heavily rewritten site I maintain and the following keys all contained the information you are after, either in part or as a whole:

SCRIPT_URL - has what REQUEST_URI should contain

SCRIPT_URI - has the entire URL including http://domain/

SCRIPT_NAME - has what REQUEST_URI should contain

PHP_SELF - has what REQUEST_URI should contain

Some of these seem odd to me that they should contain this (particularly PHP_SELF) but I think this is yet another good reason to not use mod_rewrite unless you absolutely have to...

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