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Hello everybody !

In .net , i have a Devexpress control [aspxgridview ]... in edit mode of this control , i fill a repeater that has ItemDataBound event

when i press on update btn (of grid) , itemdatabound calls & works very well & i choose an item (is a radioBtn)


when i press updateBtn , that event i said (itemdatabound) fires again & my selected item CLEAR (i'm crying)

please help me dears!!
thanks in advance


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Since your button is doing a postback, you need to have all items on your page re-created and re-databound in order for them to be displayed. Without having much to go on, it sounds like you need to hold onto your selected item so you can re-create/re-databind the Repeater with every post back.

I may be able to be of more help if you post your code.

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hi dear shelly ... thanks 4 ur answer ... Sorry, but i changed my solution of this phase of project ... i had no enough time ... but if u want , i'll send it 2 U ... thanks Again –  mohammad Aug 18 '11 at 5:34

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