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I have problem to put several countdowns on page. I use HTML.Partial:

<span><strong id="time_h"></strong>godz. <strong id="time_m"></strong> min. <strong id="time_s"></strong>s.</span>

And I also have there:

<script type="text/javascript">

    var datefrom = new Date();
    var dateto = new Date(@Model.EndDate.Year, @Model.EndDate.Month-1, @Model.EndDate.Day, @Model.EndDate.Hour, @Model.EndDate.Minute, @Model.EndDate.Second);
    var diff  = dateto.getTime() - datefrom.getTime(); </script>

And my countdown function looks like:

function startTime(){
diff = diff - 500;

if (diff <= 0)
} else {


t = setTimeout('startTime()',500);}

  function checkTime(i){
if (i<10)
  i="0" + i;
return i;}

Then I put Partial in foreach loop. Everything goes fine if there is only one row in collection. If there is more than 1 there is only first countdown counting. When I use class instead of id in span (time_h and so on) it displays the same time on each item. Is it good approach? What should I change?

Thanks Kamil

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You have to change your selectors from #id to.class.

when you render your partial control in foreach loop the same id is rendered for each control and when you are trying to take dom object by #id , the only last item is affected.

Hope this help.

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I have tried this approach but then I get the same countdown in each item... – Kamil Aug 16 '11 at 21:04
@kamil thats because the class will select them all. You need to be more specific than just a class. maybe thr an .each() on them. or give the containing element a unique id for each partial. – James Khoury Aug 17 '11 at 2:19

I try to use this one: Jquery multi-countdown .each() function

My Partial View looks:

<div class="" id="2345423234">
   <span class="remain"></span>
<div class="" id="345454234">
   <span class="remain"></span>

And my countdown function:

      $('div[id]').each(function () {
         var $this = $(this);
         var diff =  parseInt($this.attr("id"));
         var curDate = (new Date()).getMilliseconds();
         countdown = setInterval(function(){
            var   h = Math.floor(diff / 3600000);
            var    m = Math.floor((diff - (h * 3600000)) / 60000);
             var   s = Math.floor((diff - (h * 3600000) - (m * 60000)) / 1000);
             var goodDate =   h + ":" + m + ":" + s;

             $('.remain', $this).html(goodDate);     

         }, 1000);

But nothing happens... It displays good datetime but doesn't countdown. When I put

 $('.remain', $this).html(diff);    

Countdown works fine...

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Ok. I have it. It was because the long time of converting from int to date. I do now diff = diff - 1000 and it shows properly.

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