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I've delved into erlang coding recently and after reading joe armstrong's "programming erlang" and playing with the code examples in the book i feel it's time to start with my own project. Before i start i have some simple questions:

Is there any best practice in creating a directory-structure for my source files? I will have application specific code and i will have common library code. What the best way to organize them?

As far as i understand it's possible to get name conflicts, if i don't name my modules properly especially if it's modules of common used libraries. As far as i know there does not exist anything like "namespaces" currently (i found something about "hierarchical module names", but this seems at least not be official implemented [currently?]). Is there anything i can do to minimize potential naming conflicts between my own modules and third-party modules i might want to use somewhen in future?

Thanks very much in advance,

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Welcome to Erlang.

Here is explained how to organize your directory to develop Erlang applications:


Regarding namespaces you're right. They do not exist in Erlang. There was a proposal for adding them, once.

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Thanks very much, i think this is what i was looking for. I've also had a look at some other's people libraries and it seems a lot of them prefix their module-names with their name/nick/... to avoid name clashes with other libs. So i think i will do this, too. –  aurora Aug 17 '11 at 5:35
Packages are still there in an experimental form so be careful to avoid module names which contain '.' as they will kick in and giving hard-to-understand errors. –  rvirding Aug 19 '11 at 0:12
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