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Is it possible to distinguish between code, strings and comments by using regular expressions? I'm trying to build a formatter for PLSQL-Code in C# and I can't manage to solve the problem, that strings, respectively quotes ( " or ' ) can also appear in comments, negating their special character and vice versa, comment indicators ( -- or /* ) appearing in strings, being nullified as a special character sequence. Is there a solution, or are regular expressions simply the wrong way to handle this?

Best regards, Philipp

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I guess that's one of those times you're better off with a parser than using RegEx –  pastacool Aug 16 '11 at 12:57
Don't forget the alternative quoting mechanism. For example: select q'['test--]' from dual; select q'!'test/*!' from dual; Every syntax highlighting editor I've ever used has failed to work properly with strings like that. –  Jon Heller Aug 19 '11 at 3:01

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You might find an idea how to reliably identify comments by studying a source code of Perl module Regexp::Common::comment. The module supports matching also PL/SQL comments.

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