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I am using CouchRest for Rails and I'm having problems understanding the documentation (or lack of it).

response = @db.save_doc( { :key => 'value', 'another key' => 'another value' } )

#doc = @db.get(response['id'])
doc = @db.get(:key => 'value')

After saving the doc, how do I get all the documents where the key => 'value' =


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You need to create a view where 'key' is your index. Then you can query that view.

Based loosely on the docs:

      "_id" => "_design/my_view", 
      :views => {
        :test => {
          :map => "function(doc){ emit(doc.key,null)}"
    puts @db.view('my_view/test', 'key' => 'value')['rows'].inspect
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