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I've found all kinds of information over the web, but none yet that can categorically answer the question.

  • This article on the MSDN is an argument against the RPC protocol, but doesn't specifically say it isn't supported.
  • This article demonstrates it is possible to extend the web service by hand. I'd prefer to avoid that, as it defeats the purpose of using a WSDL file.
  • There are sections of the MSDN with classes for dealing with RPC based SOAP messages in the framework, such as System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapRpcMethodAttribute.
  • The service I need to connect to is using the RPC/literal protocol and there is no chance of changing that.
  • The Service Stub generating tool (wsdl.exe) will not accept RPC/literal WSDL files.

I really need to use RPC/literal in my .NET 2.0 application. Is it possible?

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Yes, it`s possible. You can do RPC with .NET Remoting clickme. However, this is considered a legacy technology and it is not used anymore. Please take a look at .NET WCF if you want to do some SOAP RPC.

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-1: he's not asking about RPC in general, but about the "RPC/Literal" form of SOAP. – John Saunders Aug 5 '13 at 17:50

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