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I've been creating a image viewer in python with Tkinter and PIL for the past day and have gotten it to a point where it is working, but it does seem a little bit slow when resizing and takes up more memory than I would like it to (eg: InfranView takes less memory for the same image, and seems to be faster at resizing with no loss of quality; Most images are about 2000x2000 pixels and grayscale, but some are full color and larger).

Am I using a good (not going to say "the right") language to make this image viewer? Is there a better one?

I know that making this in C or C++ would most likely be the best solution (apart from pure Assembly XD), but I don't know C very well and am not used to handling my memory because I am a Java,Python,Haskell,Javascript,PHP programmer.

One more thing I am concerned about is I need my final product to be cross-platform. Whether it is a separate binary for each OS or just source code that run in a VM or interpreter doesn't matter, but I would like it to be able to run on at least Linux and Windows, if not Mac as well.

My major questions are:

  1. Would it be majorly beneficial to learn C or C++ to make my image viewer?
  2. Is there another language that would be good for this type of application?
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If it were me I'd just stick to python and try to optimize. Python's not as slow as people make it out to be. –  Schnommus Aug 16 '11 at 14:19

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I would use Java, simply because its cross platform and simple. Use netbeans if you want easy drag and drop GUI manipulation.

Microsoft made a picture viewer tutorial for its .net languages, if you wanted to make it in .net you could apply some of the knowledge in that tutorial, otherwise just look at the samples like pesudocode.


In the end use what language is most comfortable to you, a image application isn't going to need the use of hardcore memory management, so if its being slow, consider that it's what you have written that is slowing it down, a multithreaded program may be faster, but I wouldn't rely upon it.

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+1 for "use what language is most comfortable." –  Chris Lutz Sep 11 '11 at 22:59

Changing language will reduce the overhead cost of the abstraction, but not tackle the direct problem

What I mean is that it takes O(n^2) memory to do an operation using a certain algorithm won't get solved by switching languages, it might get a performance boost, but when the order of the problem grows, you'll get to the point where you started. For example, if you write bubblesort in python, and rewrite in C, it will still suck.

I don't know how you're scaling the images, but you should look into alternative ways to do so (Wikipedia link here). Maybe the algorithm will require a more granular control that an abstract language as python tries to simplify, in that case, then you should switch languages.

In fact, consider writing the whole program in python, and writing the critical component in C with the Python C API. If you still feel shackled by the abstraction, then switch.

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Would it be majorly beneficial to learn C or C++ to make my image viewer?

C/C++ is faster only if you know how to make it faster! (they are slower and more bug prone for beginners)

Anyway, I think Performance is up to Programmer, not language itself. Right language for the right job!

Is there another language that would be good for this type of application?

I think Python is the best solution for small projects and teams, at least you can finish the job perfectly in the short amount of time, and it is cross-platform, and it works!

I recommend you to use wxPython or QT for GUI, Tkinter is slow and out-dated.

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I agree with mancer, C++ will continue to be one of many programming languages used, but there won't be a single dominant language in the future... –  xxx Sep 11 '11 at 23:18

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