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I've got a view setup that shows a couple of input fields. When either of the fields is changed I want to save the changed value for the model.

Here's my view:

  EditWordView = Backbone.View.extend({
tagName: 'article',
className: 'word',

initialize: () ->
  _.bindAll this, 'render'

  this.template = _.template($('#edit-word-template').html())
  this.model.bind 'change', this.render
events: {
  "change input": "changed"

render: () ->
  $word = $('#word')
  renderContent = this.template(this.model.toJSON())
changed: (event) ->
  changed = event.currentTarget
  value = $("#" +
  obj = {}
  obj[] = value
save: (event) ->
  view = new WordView({model: this.model})

And here's the model:

SpellingWord = Backbone.Model.extend({
url: () ->
  '/spelling_words/' +

When I get to the changed event and try to save the model

has no effect

The set(attrs) method is called on the model within the save method in backbone.js but the value is never changed in the model and hence never persisted back to the backend. Is this something to do with the scope of the this.model object?

If I call


before then value of the model's attributes never changes.

set(attrs) works within the console for objects so I'm a bit stumped as to why it won't in my view.



I've dug into the backbone code and in the save method set is called:

save : function(attrs, options) {
  options || (options = {});
  if (attrs && !this.set(attrs, options)) return false;
  var model = this;
  var success = options.success;

After the this.set(attrs, options) method is called the attributes of the model aren't changed.

Now, looking in the set method I don't see how the attribute is supposed to be changed when it's actually changing the now variable?

var now = this.attributes, escaped = this._escapedAttributes;
// Run validation.
if (!options.silent && this.validate && !this._performValidation(attrs, options)) return false;
// Check for changes of `id`.
if (this.idAttribute in attrs) = attrs[this.idAttribute];
// We're about to start triggering change events.
var alreadyChanging = this._changing;
this._changing = true;
// Update attributes.
for (var attr in attrs) {
  var val = attrs[attr];
  if (!_.isEqual(now[attr], val)) {
    now[attr] = val;
    delete escaped[attr];
    this._changed = true;
   if (!options.silent) this.trigger('change:' + attr, this, val, options);
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Show us your model – ant_Ti Aug 16 '11 at 16:27

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Well, looks like

this.model.bind 'change', this.render

was calling the render method from inside save, which first did a fetch and overwrote my changes. The save then didn't take place because the attributes hadn't been changed.

It was always going to be something like that.....

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