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I'm writing a webapplication that uses JS and PHP. Each time I refresh I get about 5 ajax calls to my php script. This is getting quite annoying using XDebug since it breaks on each of those request (without a breakpoint placed).

I thought this was a common problem but I can't seem to find anyting about it. Does anyone know how to disable breaking on each request?

EDIT: I'm using Wamp and Netbeans 7.0

  • Rob
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It's the IDE the one that's stopping. In NetBeans, go to Tool-> Options-> PHP-> Debugging and uncheck Stop at first line.

Screenshot from NetBeans 8.0

(In earlier NetBeans versions the option was under Tool-> Options-> PHP-> General)

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Update: It's Tool-> Options-> PHP-> Debugging in Netbeans 7.1 – Mateng Apr 18 '12 at 13:25

From what i remember, xdebug adds something like XDEBUG_SESS_ID=xxxxxxxx to the url when debugging. if this is the case, then remove that from the url.

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Tried it, but doesn't work :( – Rob Aug 16 '11 at 15:10

What is most likely that you have some empty src="" tags or alike. You need to find out what (by checking your apache logs) which requests are made. Xdebug itself does not decide to make requests.

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It doesn't make request. But it breaks on line 1 of each request I make. – Rob Aug 16 '11 at 15:11
Ah, I think many IDEs have a solution for this. There is often a "break at first line" option in them. You didn't mention which IDE you use so can't give you a direct pointer. – Derick Aug 16 '11 at 17:06
Added my IDE (Netbeans 7.0) to the question – Rob Aug 17 '11 at 8:37

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