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Any advice really helpful.

I have a good LINQ query that is working well, it returns a result set, each result set inherits from MyBase.

I need to substitute AbcTransport by doing a kind of loop through of collection of strings i have. These strings are actually the object names (classes)

 MyBase testItem = from x in AbcTransport
                     from y in x.SolidItems
                     where y.Classified == otherObject.Classified 
                     select x;

This will cut down on the amount of code i need to write.

I think this is possible with Dynamic Linq, but i am unsure where to start.

Imagine i have currently about 26 objects like AbcTransport that are all named different but all inherit from MyBase.. The property i am interested in is actually on MyBase. If i could do a kind of Loop using Dynamic linq i wouldn't have to write my query 26 times and also would make in maintainable as when i add mmore objects i only have to add the object name into my collection and thats it..

Any help really appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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Why not put that query inside a generic method?

MyBase Get<T>(IEnumerable<T> list) where T : MyBase
    MyBase testItem = from x in list
                      from y in x.SolidItems
                      where y.Classified == otherObject.Classified 
                      select x;
    return testItem;

You could call it like this:

var result1 = Get(AbcTransport);
var result2 = Get(DefTransport);
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