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I deployed an application (made with ice faces 1.8) that works on Liferay5 in a weblogic into a Liferay6 with tomcat. The application and everything seems good....the only thing that won't works is the javascript...when i click on a button, change a select, when an ajax call should be made nothing is made. I debbugged a little bit the javascript and see that in the function iceSubmit and iceSubmitPartial there is the call to the method H.sendOn(currentConnection($element(B), $element(D)));

and this method is implemented as follows:

sendOn: function(B) {

and the method send for the object passed (an HtmlDiv) is implemented with the noop function:

Function.NOOP = function() {

The question is...why can happens this???
I don't know JSF and sincerely I don't know where I can start to search something...

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I had a similar issue upgrading to Liferay 6. After modifying the theme to load all the javascript files in portal_normal.vm, some of the broken functionality got restored (in my case it was jQuery).

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