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I want to create a gallery app. Flow:

  • Login facebook

  • Redirect my app

  • Get albums

  • Save information of albums to database

The problem is that I want the relationship between album and user is 1:1

my album contain photos from varied facebook's album

exactly : 1 myalbum : 1 user : n facebook's album

So I can save informations of user, when need to login, app will get informations in the database and login with that information.

In the current system, I have to type the email and password to login to faceboook. If I login with another email, I can't get albums of first account.

Album table: album_id user_id

User table : user_id , user ....

Any solution ?

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I really don't know what you mean. Is the problem really a 1:1 album:user issue? Isn't it rather an n:1 connection? –  Sascha Galley Aug 16 '11 at 15:27
maybe some confuse, my album contain photos from varied facebook's album 1 myalbum : 1 user : n facebook's album –  Chameron Aug 17 '11 at 2:12
Try offline access permissions ? –  Steven Aug 17 '11 at 2:19

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Assuming the user's album is private, you'd need to fetch each image in the album and save it to your server (you'd also need to request the offline_access extended permission). However, I'm not sure this allowed (you'd need to review fb's TOS).

Edit: Assuming you're trying to display album's from another user - not meta data thats already saved in your db.

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Are you dealing with a 3rd party "App" or purely working with the Facebook API? Sounds like you need to store the users token, not user/pass.

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