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I have an array:

var arrayList = [{"color":"red","size":small"},{"color":"brown","size":medium"},{"color":"red","size":large"}];

with checkboxes:

<input name="red" type="checkbox" value="red" />
<input name="brown" type="checkbox" value="brown" />
<input name="small" type="checkbox" value="small" />
<input name="large" type="checkbox" value="large" />

I need to be able to filter the array using the checkbox values to out put a new array.

If I checked 'red' the new array should be:

var arrayList = [{"color":"red","size":small"},{"color":"red","size":large"}];

and if I checked 'red' and 'large' I would get:

var arrayList = [{"color":"red","size":large"}];

Thanks for any help on this.

I need to clarify my problem, here is my filter code:

//this is the top level array generated with all products
    var product = [{"price":"200","color":"red","size":small"},{"price":"250","color":"brown","size":medium"},{"price":"300","color":"red","size":large"}];

// displayed products array
    var filterdProducts = [];  
            var key = 0;

        //start of price range filter
            if(!minPrice && !maxPrice){
                filterdProducts = products;
            } else{
                $.each(products, function(i, object) {   
                    var curentPrice = parseFloat(object.price); 
                    var priceMinOk = true;
                    var priceMaxOk = true;
                    // filter results match the price range
                    if(maxPrice || minPrice){
                        if(maxPrice && maxPrice<curentPrice){
                            priceMaxOk = false;
                        if(minPrice && minPrice>curentPrice){
                            priceMinOk = false;
                    //  loop over list and get only related to new array
                     if( priceMinOk && priceMaxOk ){  
                        filterdProducts[key] = object;                  



I need to add the checkbox functionality to that filter so that I can also filter by size and color. Hope this helps

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What exactly is the problem? What have you tried? –  Felix Kling Aug 16 '11 at 15:10
I have an array that is generated then filtered by price range, I then need to take the new array that generates and then filter by color and size using select values? –  dbach Aug 16 '11 at 15:19

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Try this

var arrayList = [{"color":"red","size":"small"},{"color":"brown","size":"medium"},{"color":"red","size":"large"}];
var newArrayList = [];


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