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basically I have set up event tracking across my website.

I simply want to be able to compare two events, if this is possible? So I want to see who clicked on X and then what number of those then went to click Y on specific events.

If this isn't possible, could you please suggest alternative methods of how I could do with within the GA interface?

Many thanks


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Yes, you can, using Advanced Segmentation.

Basically, you'd set up an advanced segment for visits where users triggered Event X AND triggered Event Y. The resulting segment would show you visits where users who did both actions.

Note that this is limited to visit-level data; this won't show you users who triggered Event X in one visit, and then on a completely different visit, triggered Event Y. (This is a fundamental constraint of Google Analytics.)

enter image description here

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Excellent answer, thank you very much. – Tim Aug 17 '11 at 8:22

Also now you can use events as goals: See Google's blog post here. This seems still to be disabled for some localized languages (and some profiles).

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