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I am using the following lines of javascript to parse an XML string into an XML DOM object:

this._xmlParser = new DOMParser();
this._xmlDoc = this._xmlParser.parseFromString(txt,"text/xml");

My xml string looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <title>New Calendar Event</title>
    <line>Your location goes here.</line>
    <line>Your description goes here.</line>
  <!-- %%spider:url%% -->
  <further-info><![CDATA[ hello&goodbye ]]></further-info>

The CDATA section seems to be well-formed. Why am I receiving a parser error for an unclosed CDATA section?

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Sorry to answer my own question, but I discovered that the source of my problem had to do with the browser response limiting the size of text nodes in xml-rpc calls. I found the following useful note here:

"Also important to note is that although the specifications say that no matter how much text exists between tags, it should all be in one text node, in practice this is not always the case. In Opera 7-9.2x and Mozilla/Netscape 6+, if the text is larger than a specific maximum size, it is split into multiple text nodes. These text nodes will be next to each other in the childNodes collection of the parent element."

The response I was receiving to the browser had unknowingly split my text node into multiple text nodes. Heads up for anyone who has a similar issue.

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