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Love the find command since I can do -exec to chain my find result to another command, but I dont know how to find data on a specific date. If I use ls I can do this

ls -g | grep 2011-08-16

this will display all file in the current folder whose last modified timestamp is 2011-08-16.

How do I do this with find command? Ultimately I want find all file in current folder, with specific date then move them to a different folder like this

find ... -exec mv {} .. \;
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This creates a file (if doesn't exist) and sets the mtime to the beginning of the day.

touch -t 201108160000.00 NewerThan

This creates a file (if doesn't exist) and sets the mtime to the end of the day.

touch -t 201108162359.59 NotNewerThan

Now find all files that falls in between :)

find . -type f -newer NewerThan ! -newer NotNewerThan


The accepted answer to this question is probably better. Since you won't need to create temp files.

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