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I am working in SQL Server 2005. I have a table that lists stores and a separate table that lists departments. There is no key relationships between the tables. My goal is create a query that lists each department for each store. Ideally the results will be:

store  department
1        candy
1        ice
1        drinks
2        candy
2        ice
2        drinks

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You can do the above query with a cross join (with no relationships in the WHERE clause)

SELECT d.department, FROM departments d
CROSS JOIN stores s
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If all stores have all departments, then you might try a CROSS JOIN

SELECT store, department
FROM stores
CROSS JOIN departments
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Like this:

Use JOIN. (The syntax will be a bit different for the creation of the tables since Ideone is SQLite, though.)

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You can use JOIN too

SELECT, d.department
FROM stores s
JOIN departments d
  ON 1=1
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Is this the same as a cartesian?

SELECT, d.department
FROM stores s, departments d
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