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I have a repeater in C#, which generates unique li tags with IDs and have some other elements.

<li id="<%# Eval("myID") %>">
  <a id="<%# Eval("myID") %>"></a>

I get a markup error in VS, that 'Another object already exists with ID <%# Eval("myID") %>'

Why I can't use <%# Eval("myID") %> multiple times in the page? It compiles and runs, just it's marked as a warning..

it's C# 4.0, asp.net

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Did you want to give the li and the a the same ID?

You can use Eval as many times as you'd like. You're using that value as the ID for two elements, though, and that's what VS is complaining about.

I might suggest

   <li id="li_<%# Eval("myID") %>">
     <a id="a_<%# Eval("myID") %>"></a>
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For the simple reason that HTML id attributes should be unique on a page. If you need something to have association with some text, you should use another attribute, or mark them differently. Such as:

rel="<%# Eval("myId") %>"
class="<%# Eval("myId") %>"
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