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I am trying to generate a report of what changed (files and lines of code) between two baselines. I was able to see the activities and versions but is there a way to print out, say each file name and the diff of the versions between the two baselines?

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You need to get back all the versions of B1 and B2, and for each version, to::

  • get the name of the element (See fmt_ccase: cleartool descr -fmt "%En")
  • get the most recent version V1 of the baseline 1 (B1 being the most recent baseline)
  • get the oldest version V2 of the baseline 2 (B2 being the oldest baseline)
  • cleartool diff V1 V2
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See also stackoverflow.com/questions/10527550/… –  VonC May 10 '12 at 5:36

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