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I write a wpf app using mvvm pattern and I need to implement logging system.

The log need contain unhandled exceptions and events that I raised manually when something happen.

Also I need to have the ability to serialize the log and maybe also save the log in some file excel?).

And last I need to write some events to windows event log.

What I thought to do is datagrid control in the view that binding to CollectionView in its view model, and I'll populate the collection when its needed

I can add searching, filtering and other capabilities and I can bind the row color to the severity of the row (error = red, warning = green etc.)

I'm sure it can be save to file and about the serialize I think there is a problem to serialize CollectionView but I hope it can be resolve.

I saw once that there a .net class to write to windows events log (i'm right?) so its not a problem.

Its my first time that i write app with logging system and I saw a lot of people using some logging librarys but I dont understand why.


Also I saw that with logging librarys its very easy to log to file/events logs etc. but what if I want to bind the log to view?

Any answer / explanation will help.

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dotnetlogging.com is a good source for info about Logging Tools and libraries for .net. –  Matthieu Aug 16 '11 at 19:12

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Using a logging library mainly falls under the "don't reinvent the wheel" category - people much smarter than myself invested considerable time creating robust logging frameworks (i.e. log4net) that fill all of the requirements you outlined already.

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thanks for the answer. that what i thought. –  david Aug 16 '11 at 19:18

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