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While eagerly awaiting an answer to my simple-way FTP question, I'm trying to use the FTPClient library (, but I'm getting a "NoClassDefFoundError" exception, probably because I've done something wrong with the .JAR library file. I tried following the various pieces of help I've found, but still get the error.

I downloaded the JAR file, then in Eclipse I created a NEW folder in the .../myproj/libs area then imported the JAR: org.apache.commons.net_2.0.0.v200905272248.jar (note you MUST create the folder from Eclipse | File | New...)

I created a User Library (Window | Preferences | Java | Build Path | User Libraries), called it ClientFTP

I did an "Add Jar", browsed to the .../myproj/libs area, pointed to the .jar file

I went to Project | Properties | Java Build Path | Libraries and selected ClientFTP, then Add Jar of the JAR file

So now the file appears in my Package Explorer screen, and I can do:
and get no error in Eclipse when I instantiate the class so that part seems to work.

But when I run it on the Emulator, I get the exception. Does some magical incantation need to be placed in my AndroidManfest file? I can't think of what else it might be.

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I finally got this figured out, Android has to do it the hard way, see the answer at: Howto do a simple ftp get file on Android

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