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I've created a website using ASP.net and C#. It's basically where students can login and view their marks/register courses/see schedules. It's connected to a SQL database which I have made in SQL server...

I want to be able to create a mobile version of this application. So what's more suitable, a mobile app or website? And which one will be easier?

I heard we use eclipse/java for making mobile apps.....

For the website, do we use a different framework, or is it the same asp.net and SQL for the database?

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I think you'll find a mobile website built with jQuery Mobile to be a good alternative to writing a native app.

Benefits Include:

  • Consistent UI across platforms
  • Smart, responsive scaling for larger devices (tablets, pc)
  • Touch friendly default styles

I've put together a jQuery Mobile Site Template on the Visual Studio Extension Gallery that you might find interesting for porting your existing .Net C# site.

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I would definitely recommend a mobile web application. The main advantage is that you have only to maintain one code base. Also it would be a very simple task since you could expose JSON from your asp.net website to http://jquerymobile.com/

There are many tutorials available and you do not have to bother about updating the application on users devices since it is a hypermedia based web app.

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I'm not familiar with asp.net, but it seems like it'd be best to create a fluid, responsive front end for the web app on its existing framework. One web interface that scales neatly for a variety of devices, rather than authoring an API and various mobile apps for different platforms.

Great introduction to responsive (front-end) web design: http://www.abookapart.com/products/responsive-web-design

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Here is a great Google I/O 2011 session that I enjoyed watching on the topic of Native vs. Web approach. Link has the slides + videos. Enjoy and best of luck.

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