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I have been a Vim user for most of my life. I have been using Emacs with viper/vimpulse for a couple of years. What is the best way to kick my Vi habit and achieve a reasonable level of productivity with Xcode 4 on OS X Lion? I do not want to use an external editor since I would rather immerse myself completely in Xcode.

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you can't, install macports.org and use vim and make ;) –  Tobias Schlegel Aug 16 '11 at 21:59
I leave both opened and commant+tab is my friend. It's not that difficult. –  sidyll Aug 16 '11 at 22:22

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UPDATE: I've been using the xVim plugin for the past four months, and despite a couple bugs, I feel it's the best solution at the moment.


I've been faced with this dilemma for the past month, and my recent solution has been KeyRemap4MacBook (which gives you a decent amount of Vi keybindings system-wide, and works on Lion).

It's by no means an optimal solution — I'm still only 60% as productive in Xcode as I am in Vim — but it is a way to stay in Xcode and have some of the Vi functionality. Here's a link to a recent blog post with a pic of my KeyRemap4MacBook settings.

Also, I've been looking into commandline scripts to build and run projects (that way I could skip Xcode and stay with Vi and the terminal — though it seems you're trying to steer clear of this). I haven't found any extraordinary solution — but I'm sure if enough of us are going through this, then someone will find a feasible solution.

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I believe Apple should be the one to provide Vi bindings within the Xcode editor widget. I am going to file a bug report here bugreport.apple.com. If enough people do this, maybe Apple will listen. Until then, I will try hard not to type hjkl all over my code :p –  sigjuice Aug 16 '11 at 22:24

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