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There's some work in progress related to adding xpath support to jsoup

  • Is it working?
  • How can I use it?
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JSoup doesn't support XPath yet, but you may try XSoup - "Jsoup with XPath".

Here's an example quoted from the projects Github site:

public void testSelect() {

    String html = "<html><div><a href=''></a></div>" +

    Document document = Jsoup.parse(html);

    String result = Xsoup.compile("//a/@href").evaluate(document).get();
    Assert.assertEquals("", result);

    List<String> list = Xsoup.compile("//tr/td/text()").evaluate(document).list();
    Assert.assertEquals("a", list.get(0));
    Assert.assertEquals("b", list.get(1));

There you'll also find a list of features and expressions of XPath that are supported by XSoup.

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Not yet,but the project JsoupXpath has make it.For example,

String xpath="//div[@id='post_list']/div[./div/div/span[@class='article_view']/a/num()>1000]/div/h3/allText()";
String doc = "...";
JXDocument jxDocument = new JXDocument(doc);
List<Object> rs = jxDocument.sel(xpath);
for (Object o:rs){
    if (o instanceof Element){
        int index = ((Element) o).siblingIndex();
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